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Must pay attention to the importance of bearing

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Steel is a kind of special material with special heat treatment of spherical particles made of high quality steel, first melting block, then spraying molten steel to form particles with high pressure water, the pill is re heated to purify homogeneous formation, and then quenching. Product features described below steel shot:

The pill after quenching in the furnace is dried and re heating tempering in order to achieve a suitable hardness after tempering steel shot, sorted into line with SAE standard for different grades of products used in shot peening equipment through mechanical screen. Moderate hardness, toughness, impact resistance, long service life, up to 2000 - 2900, good elasticity, quick cleaning speed, low consumption, not broken, quick cleaning speed, good technical effect. After cleaning the metal surface of the product processing of up to GB/T8923-1989; the surface roughness of Rz=10--150 m, the processing of hard metal, hardness can be increased to hrc57 ~ 62. Their toughness, life is several times the iron pills, wide application. High quality alloy steel grit and steel shot, high density, less defects, narrow particle size distribution, the microstructure after heat treatment is good, excellent mechanical performance, steel toughness and resistance to crushing, anti fatigue performance greatly improved, high reuse rate, low consumption, significant economic benefits. Steel shot peening can be widely used in steel structural parts before painting cleaning machinery parts of the surface hardening, surface finishing operations.

Thus increasing the specific surface area of metal surface surface, surface adhesion of coatings increased after coating, and has remarkable economic benefit, is currently the most advanced, the most ideal shot blasting cleaning and strengthening of metal abrasive blasting.

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