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Steel ball milling process

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Precision Steel ball bearings plays a very important role in modern industry, conventional grinding methods have become more difficult to meet its requirements in the machining precision and efficiency.

Precision ball bearings grinding technology has attracted the attention of many scholars, many new ways of grinding and machining processes. However, these processing methods or by processing accuracy, processing efficiency is not high, or because the organization and control more complex, difficult to apply mass production.

Through the study of steel ball processing, grinding principles and other aspects of the process to identify new programs to improve the efficiency and quality of the steel ball processing include:

1. Analysis of uniformity in different ways ball milled billet grinding, grinding a variety of ways to find out the pros and cons of the ball processing quality and efficiency, and propose reasonable solutions applicable to efficiently process high-quality ball bearings .
2. The ball belongs to the free abrasive precision grinding machining, to study the mechanism and the grinding mechanism into a ball ball.

3. Through the ball kinematics and dynamics analysis, using MATLAB software analysis to verify proposed offset machining and grinding disc groove raceway grinding disc stepped processing, using two process methods to improve the processing of steel balls quality and efficiency.

The design of the device is capable of turning on a milling machine disassembly, reducing installation error abrasive disc trimmed, it will help improve processing efficiency and precision steel balls.

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