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Stainless steel ball valve features advantages and disadvantages

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The role of each kind of gate valve is different. In order to cooperate with the needs of a variety of occupations, the variety is also more and more. Many of the raw materials produced, during which the stainless steel gate valve is also very extensive.

Stainless steel gate valve of the largest stainless steel ball features is very reliable sealing, and the food machinery and stainless steel ball is also compared to the appearance, the use of all functional excellence. Selection of raw materials is also a combination of domestic and international norms, the quality of course is very good. Stainless steel gate valve sealing surface with parallel gate valve, the valve stem is the appearance of the oxidation treatment, so it has a very good corrosion resistance, but also compared to wear. Can choose a variety of stainless steel valve piping, in order to satisfy the needs of the project through the.

Stainless steel gate valve is the biggest point is the fluid resistance is very small, in the sealing surface of the liquid to receive the erosion and erosion is the smallest. And also stainless steel gate valve opening and closing effortless, on the flow of media is unconstrained, does not decrease the pressure of medium, also won't happen to disturb the media. Form is very simple, due to the excellent function, the use of a very wide range of. The only drawback is that it is open, closed for a long time and the repair of the time is a little bit difficult.

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